Premix Concrete

Premix Concrete

We can supply you with the highest quality of premix concrete for all your projects, from our three Sand, Soil and Mini-Mix locations in Berwick, Pakenham and Werribee. We can deliver quantities from 2 – 6 cubic metres when and wherever you need it, seven days a week. As one of Melbourne’s leading building suppliers we can offer a range of premix concrete products, including the following types of mixes:

  • Standard
  • Performance
  • Stump mixes
  • Concrete exposed aggregate

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Berwick (03) 9704 7822, Pakenham (03) 5941 1000, Werribee (03) 9360 9277

Aggregates and Premix Concrete

For getting that decorative concrete professional finish, you can rely on our premix for the best results. We can premix our concrete with a variety of aggregates or landscaping pebbles. Using our material will give the strength to the quality of the concrete, balanced with the natural beauty of the exposed aggregate. The finishes you can create with our materials are outstanding for exposed aggregate driveways, pathways and areas where you need a tough, durable and non-slip surface.


Whether you are a commercial concreter, landscaper or architect, you’ll need to consider reinforcement, drainage and finishes. We have a full range of quality products for all of your concrete projects, including:

  • Full range of colours and toppings (Bayer, s/dust)
  • Full range of decorative brick, slate and stencil mixes
  • Full range of concrete sealers and solvents in 10 and 20 litre drums
  • Plastic and steel drainage systems for drives, paths and patio areas, PVC pipes and fitting.
  • Full range of steel for concrete reinforcing (i.e. reinforced mesh)

We also have a range of hardware suitable for most concrete projects including:

  • Floats
  • Trowels
  • Brushes and many more useful tools

Ordering & Delivering Your Premix Load

Our expert team can advise on all your project needs. For a fast order to your site, contact our individual Sand, Soil and Mini-Mix Supplies at:

  • Berwick Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix 9704 7822 (2 to 3 cubic metre loads)
  • Pakenham Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix 5941 1000 (Maxi trucks available at this plant only)
  • Werribee Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix 9360 9277 (2 to 3 cubic metre loads)

Our team can efficiently arrange the quantity, type and all delivery times, seven days a week, to ensure you can keep working.

Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix Supplies at Berwick, Pakenham and Werribee provide fast, professional service for ordering your garden pebbles, garden mulch, concrete exposed aggregate and premix concrete. Contact us at Berwick (03) 9704 7822, Pakenham (03) 5941 1000 and Werribee (03) 9360 9277 for reliable and friendly service by a team who can deliver all your landscaping supplies, gardening and building supply needs.