Garden Mulch, Landscaping Pebbles

Garden & Landscaping Supplies

Should you require products to be bagged up you need to ring in advance to pre order.

Coming soon to Berwick and Pakenham supply depots, we will have 20mm Tuscan stone and oversize Tuscan stone in stock. Great colours and perfect to brighten up your garden beds

For designing and creating the most attractive gardens, yards or areas, you need our quality landscaping supplies and materials to give a mixture of textures and natural colours for the highest visual appeal. We can supply you with the best materials for your projects seven days a week.

From our three Sand, Soil & Mini Mix locations at Berwick, Pakenham and Werribee, we can supply designers, landscapers and householders with an extensive range of:

  • Natural exposed aggregates
  • Landscaping supplies
  • Black pebbles
  • Garden mulch
  • Sand and soil

We can deliver quickly in all areas of Melbourne and Victoria, with loads between 1.0 and 20.0 cubic metres. We can also provide the highest quality of premix concrete for aggregate driveways, paths or areas needing a strong decorative concrete surface.

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Berwick (03) 9704 7822, Pakenham (03) 5941 1000, Werribee (03) 9360 9277

Sand and Soil

One of the most common materials connected with landscaping is sand and soil. For sand, we have fine sand available for block paving or childrens play areas. Another type of sand available is brick sand for hard landscaping with mortar. Our range of landscaping supplies includes different available soils for a variety of uses around the garden. We also provide soil for top dressing, lawns and vegetable gardens.

Garden Mulches

Mulches play an active role in many lawn borders as a weed suppressant and for water-saving techniques for garden borders. We have four varieties of garden mulches for decorative purposes and childs play areas, including:

  • Pine bark (tan bark) in three varieties
  • Mulches (four varieties) in fine pine, eucy, red/dyed, black/dyed, and soft mulch
  • Red river chips

We can supply garden mulches across Victoria at competitive prices.

Decorative Aggregates

Our decorative aggregates make an excellent choice as an alternative ground cover or as an added colourful statement to your garden. We have a wide variety available at our three depots, including:

  • Crushed/quartz
  • Crushed toppings (3 varieties)
  • Honeycomb rocks (Pakenham & Werribee only)
  • Red scoria, available in sizes 7mm and 20mm
  • River pebbles sizes, available in sizes 7mm to 120mm

Like our quality mulches, our aggregates are excellent for suppressing weeds and retaining moisture in soils.

Landscaping Pebbles

Garden pebbles make a desirable display of natural colour when used with complimentary materials. We find that our customers use our garden pebbles as concrete exposed aggregate, with stunning results. The sizes of our river pebbles are between 7mm and 120mm and are sourced from sustainable rivers. We have a variety of shades, including black pebbles for a sleek look. Contact our expert team on further information on how you can use garden pebbles mixed with other landscaping supplies and materials.


To make border edgings, construct large planters or raise vegetable beds, we have traditional 2nd hand railway sleepers in three grades. We also have new treated pine sleepers, all available at competitive prices.

Water Garden Products

To meet the demand of our landscapers and homeowners, we have begun to stock water garden features that are suitable for blocks of land of any size. Our products include fountains, terra cotta pots, concrete pots and colour-glazed pots.

Ordering & Buying Your Products

We have a friendly team with over 30 years of experience, ready to assist in finding and selecting the best product for your landscaping project. We can ensure that you will receive a reliable and efficient ordering and delivery service. For further information, either contact our expert team or visit one of our locations:

  • Berwick Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix 9704 7822
  • Pakenham Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix 5941 1000
  • Werribee Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix 9360 9277

Our team can efficiently arrange the quantity, type and all delivery times, seven days a week, so that you can complete your project on time using affordable Soil, Sand and Mini Mix products.

Sand, Soil & Mini-Mix Supplies at Berwick, Pakenham and Werribee provide a fast professional service for ordering your landscaping supplies, garden pebbles, black pebbles, garden mulch, concrete exposed aggregate and premix concrete. Contact us at Berwick (03) 9704 7822, Pakenham (03) 5941 1000 and Werribee (03) 9360 9277 for a reliable friendly service by a team who can deliver all your landscaping supplies and building supply needs.